Friendly, good customer service.

Karyn Lau

Kristin professionalism is inevitable. As I’ve droopy eyebrows it requires alot of her patience in getting the correct strokes and shape for my eyebrows accordingly to my feature and of course my satisfaction. The process of embroidery is painless, and the finishing is very natural. Definitely recommending her to everyone who’ll benefit greatly from her services and friendliness. Thank you Kristin.

Chew BK Ireneour regular client

The RF treatment was satisfying .. which was done by Kristine who was very patient & also attentive to individual needs of her customer, always ready to share her expertise and to advise her customer. Being a first timer to patronize BeauDefine, I will strongly recommend it!

Cheryl Neoour regular customer

This place for facial is so great and the beautician service was very attentive, love and care for your skin! Beautician is very nice and cheerful attitude unlike other beautician shop which likes to talk about packages and packages.

Audrey Gohour regular client

Consultant is very knowledgeable and skin care routine was advised in a professional manner. Great experience! read more

Jireh Leeour regular customer

The facial is great, the beautican is very attentive for looking customer’s face condition and help to improve it, come and give it a try read more

Valerie Tayour regular client

Feeling very good after first time wash my face,so I decide to buy the 5times card,feel more clean.n the massage is quite good! read more

Antonia Houour regular client