Facial Treatment Get glowing skin now with our refreshing facial treatments!
● OPT Facial Treatments
● RF facial treatment
● Customised facial treatment
● GUASHA face treatment
● GUASHA eye treatment
Eyebrows & Eyelashes Experience the difference with our wide range of expertise.
● Hand stroke eyebrow
● Hand method misty eyebrow
● Stroke+misty eyebrow
● Eyeliner embroidery
● Lip embroidery
● Single Lash
● Camellia Lash
Hair Treatment Our Hair Treatment uses the latest hair regrowth technology to not only help our client grow hair, but grow confidence as well! VIEW DETAILS Hair Removal Remove unsightly hair with OPT Hair Removal or Honey Waxing
● Underarms/Upper lip
● Half arms/ Full arms
● Half legs/ Full legs
OPT Treatment Rejuvenate your skin with Optimum Pulse Light Technology (OPT) and look forward to a younger and clearer skin at the same time!

OPT effectively treats dilated blood vessels, pigmentation, and acne to give you the immaculate skin you long for!
MicroNeedling Your skin has a natural ability to self repair when it is physically damaged by cuts, burns and other abrasions. Following the injury to the skin, the body re-uses damaged collagen and elastin fibres to produce new structures. Microneedling allows controlled induction of skin’s self-repair mode without the post treatment sensitivity to UV Light VIEW DETAILS Other Treatments Enjoy the following treatment services at Beaudefine today!
● Supreme cranial destress (head massage)
● Shoulder Massage
● Remove Oil Clog,
● Moles, Milia Seed
● Eyebrow trimming
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